Different day.

Howdy : )
Today I’m spending time digging through my inventory. I have so much stuff that has never had a 2nd look just because I dunno what it is or I can’t find it twice! I know I get stuff free for blogging (much appreciated) but just like everyone else, I too spend money here. I’m going to try and blog just stuff I like or found again for a few post’s. Yea, some might be discontinued or stores closed.. does not mean I can’t wear it! I’ll still post it, maybe you’ll have it : P
As for Dirk, super busy with RL working hard. Only free time is spent with our dog Benson. He’ll be back around, I promise. Have a good day!

Hair: (VW) Pushed and Shoved – Blonde Tones (now epoque not sure if still sold)
Top: sur+ [creamsicle bodysuit seamed] (2011 seasons hunt) Check cupcake sim
Coat: +KiiToS!! Lentotahi+ Pea Coat *Black* (now pivaaca, again no idea)
Jeans: ~ imbue. skinny jeans {ltblue} I wanted to go to this store myself, but couldn’t find a working Lm..soo if you have one, send it please!
Shoes: =PIA= BOX bordello pumps -black-
Necklace: [[SHADE THRONE]] SEX SELLS NECKLACE – lotus on gold